Customer Service

  1. All quotations are valid for a period of 7 days from the date of the quotation.
  2. Work will only commence once the quote as well as Umlilo Brands Terms & Conditions have been accepted by Client.
  3. Umlilo Brands cannot be held responsible for incorrect product selection. The Client acknowledges that it is their sole responsibility to determine that the products ordered are suitable for the purposes for which they are intended. Umlilo Brands cannot be held liable for incorrect product selection.
  4. All quotations are subject to the availability of products or services and are subject to any increases in the cost price, including currency fluctuations to Umlilo Brands before acceptance of the order.
  5. The order is only accepted by Umlilo Brands once it has been fully paid for by the Client. Payment of a deposit does not constitute acceptance of the Clients order.
  6. All quotes are subject to stock availability at the time of confirming the order. Stock changes on a daily basis and therefore stock availability cannot be guaranteed until both a deposit has been paid and we have confirmed the order with our Supplier. Payment of the 50% deposit does not infer acceptance of the order as Umlilo Brands can only confirm stock once the Client has paid the deposit.
  7. Umlilo Brands shall be entitled to reasonably refuse any order placed by the Client. Brandability shall under no circumstances be liable to the customer in any way if for any reason Umlilo Brands fails to deliver and/or fails to deliver on time any order or part thereof placed with Umlilo Brands by the Client.
  8. RUSH ORDERS – We provide a Rush Order service whereby urgent orders, for a 10% premium on the total value of the order, have a guarantee of completion within 2 – 5 working days after the approval of artwork and full payment of the order has been received and cleared in our bank account. The completion date will be agreed upon prior to starting any work for the Client.
  9. Lead times will be deemed to commence on the date and time that Umlilo Brands receives in writing all signed off approvals of the artwork and payment of the funds have been cleared.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
  1. All payments made by the Client to Umlilo Brands shall be made free of deduction, set-off, bank charges and commissions.
  2. Full payment based on the invoice or checkout value is required on the placement of an order unless alternative arrangements have been made.
  3. Full payment is required for all unbranded & rushed orders before we’re able to confirm your order.
  4. A company Purchase Order may be accepted at the sole discretion of management.
  5. Please do not send your courier company for collection if payment has not been made as we will NOT release your order.
  6. Please note that Electronic Funds Transfer or PayPal is our preferred method of payment.  We do not accept cheques or cash payments
  7. Note that due to currency fluctuations, we reserve the right to change prices without prior notification.
  8. Umlilo Brands cannot be responsible for missed deadlines if payment has not been received and cleared in time.
  9. Upfront orders will only be released once proof of payment has been received & cleared in our Bank Account. Umlilo Brands cannot be responsible for missed deadlines if payment has not been received and cleared in time.
  10. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend 30-day account facilities at our discretion.
  11. Umlilo Brands shall be entitled but not obliged to charge interest calculated in arrears on any account more than 30 days overdue at a rate of 5% above the prime overdraft rate of our Bankers at the time of the monthly calculation.
  12. The Client has no right to withhold payment for any reason whatsoever and agrees that any extension of time given for payment shall be valid only if reduced to writing and signed by both parties.
  13. All discounts shall be forfeited if payment in full is not made on the due date.
  14. Goods remain the property of Umlilo Brands until paid in full. The risk in and to the products shall pass from Umlilo Brands to the Client upon the date of delivery thereof by Umlilo Brands to the Client or their agent. Any delivery notes or waybill (be it a copy or an original) signed by the Client, a representative of the Client (e.g. secretary, security) or a third party engaged to transport the products shall be conclusive proof that delivery was made to the Client.
  15. Non-payment resulting in Legal/Collection fees being incurred, will be for the Clients’ account.
  16. RUSH ORDERS – We provide a Rush Order service whereby urgent orders, for a 10% premium on the total value of the order, have a guarantee of completion within 2 – 5 working days after the approval of artwork and full payment of the order has been received and cleared in our bank account. Completion date will be agreed upon prior to starting any work for the Client.
  17. By confirming the order (whether via email or fax) the Client acknowledges that they are entering into a contractual agreement with Umlilo Brands and give Umlilo Brands permission to apply any outstanding balance to the payment method provided until paid in full.
Shipping & Delivery
  1. Orders can be collected from our Durban office at the following addess: Unit 17 Heron Park, 80 Corobrik Road, Riverhorse Valley, 4017
  2. Orders must be collected within 10 workings days from order being ready for collection (unless alternative arrangements have been made i.e. shipping). Orders not collected within 10 working days will be deemed to be cancelled and will be returned to stock or sold to offset our costs.
  3. At the Client’s request, on checkout, Umlilo Brands will arrange for goods to be delivered to the Client via an external courier service, which costs shall be debited to the Client and payable prior to delivery of the goods.
  4. INSURANCE: Should the Client require the goods to be insured, then the Client will be liable for the payment of such insurance upon dispatch of the goods by Umlilo Brands. Requests to insure goods must be made in writing and accepted by Umlilo Brands. 
  5. Our Free Delivery does not include freight insurance.
  6. Delivery times quoted are estimates and are not binding on Umlilo Brands. Due to the use of external couriers, delivery times are beyond Umlilo Brands control.
  7. Should the Client require delivery outside of our Free Delivery offer then such Delivery will be quoted on an individual job basis and will need to be accepted by the Client prior to dispatch.
  8. Any third party engaged in transporting the goods shall be deemed to be the agent of the Client irrespective of which party gave instructions to or paid such third party.
  9. Damaged or missing products need to be advised in writing to Umlilo Brands within 24 hours of receiving the goods. Please check your goods immediately upon receiving them as we are unable to rectify errors or omissions more than 24 hours after the goods have been delivered.
  10. Goods delivered in damaged packaging or the external box shows proof of being tampered with, needs to be indicated on the delivery slip when signing for the delivery of the goods. This must be forwarded to Umlilo Brands within 24 hours and if possible, a picture to be forwarded of the damaged packaging.
  11. If items have to be re-delivered because they were refused, un-deliverable or unclaimed due to incorrect address details provided by the Client, then the Client will be billed and held liable for any additional delivery costs.
  12. Umlilo Brands shall be entitled in its sole discretion to split the delivery of the products ordered in the quantities and on the dates it decides. Clients may receive several shipments on different days depending on the products ordered.
  13. FREE SHIPPING – All orders over R5000.00 excluding Vat and delivered to a single destination point in either Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria or Durban qualify for FREE SHIPPING. Please note that FREE SHIPPING does not include Free Insurance and this should be paid for by the client prior to dispatch, should the client determine the need for such.
  14. Delivery will only be arranged once FULL payment has been received and cleared in our bank account.
  15. The delivery address needs to be easily accessible for the couriers. Courier drop off is at the front door of the address provided to us.
Returns & Replacements
  1. Returns are the responsibility of the client, regardless of who is at fault. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that goods are returned to a designated collection point in its original packaging.
  2. No items may be returned or exchanged unless prior written authorization has been obtained from Umlilo Brands, which must be obtained within 24 hours of delivery/collection and may be subject to a 25% handling and admin fee for non-faulty items.
  3. It is the sole responsibility of the Client to determine that goods purchased are suitable for the purposes of intended use.
  4. We cannot accept branded or custom made goods for exchange or refund.
  5. Refunds may take up to 30 days once accepted.
  6. Goods returned will be either replaced or a credit given at Umlilo Brands discretion
  7. No branded goods will be returnable if not branded by Umlilo Brands.
  8. Umlilo Brands is unable to provide a refund if the amount is less than R50.00 (Fifty Rand).
  9. Any refund less than R50.00 (Fifty Rand) will be credited to the clients account and offset against their next order.
  10. Umlilo Brands cannot accept returns on incorrect items which have already been branded regardless of whether it’s Umlilo Brands fault or not.
  11. Once an order on memory sticks has been collected from us, we unfortunately cannot accept a return on it.
  12. Once stock has been collected from or delivered by Umlilo Brands, we have no control over it. As such we do not accept responsibility for any damages or shortages not reported within 24 hours.